Monday, October 26, 2009


I came to Austin for interview and i am on my way to Newjersy. I am hanging in the Austin Airport and i have another three hours for my flight departure. I thought, i write about one of the new Oracle10g optimization parameter PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL.

This parameter determine the optimization level to compile the PLSQL code. The higher setting, oracle use more efforts to compile the code. This parameter will eliminate the dead code and moving the code out of the loop which does the same thing for each iteration. This has three valid values, which are 0,1 and 2. But default value for this parameter is 2.

Let us discuss about each value for this parameter. Please note, Oracle has not provided any detail level example for each value of this parameter. So i can't demonstrate exactly what oracle does for each level. Indeed, we can see the performance improvement in each level.

PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL = 0 The value 0 works some what as pre 10g release. Oracle documentation says it works better than 9i. Let me write a procedure and run in oracle10g with value 0.

Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options

SQL> alter session set plsql_optimize_level =0;

Session altered.

SQL> set serveroutput on
SQL> create or replace procedure test as
2 a integer;
3 b integer;
4 c integer;
5 d integer;
6 v_time integer;
7 begin
8 v_time := Dbms_Utility.GET_CPU_TIME();
9 for j in 1..10000000 loop
10 a:= 100;
11 b:= null;
12 c:= nvl(b,1)+a;
13 end loop;
14 Dbms_Output.Put_Line(Dbms_Utility.GET_CPU_TIME()-v_time);
15 end;
16 /

Procedure created.

SQL> execute test;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The above procedure runs in 770 mseconds in oracle10g with plsql_optimize_level=0.

PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL = 1 It eliminates unnecessary computation and exceptions. Since oracle has not given any example for the each value, i guess, it removes the statement b:=NULL in the TEST procedure. It does not make any sense to assign NULL value for each iteration of the loop in the TEST Procedure.

SQL> alter procedure test compile plsql_optimize_level = 1;

Procedure altered.

SQL> execute test;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The above procedure executes in 502 seconds and it is better then the plsql_optimize_level=0.

PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL = 2 It moves the unnecessary dead code relatively far from its original location. I guess, it moves the assignment statement out of loop. Since it assigns the same value for each iteration which is not meaningful. Be aware that, some time, oracle takes long time to compile the procedure when we have value 2. Since oracle has to rewrite the code during the compilation stage and not during the execution stage.

SQL> alter procedure test compile plsql_optimize_level = 2;

Procedure altered.

SQL> execute test;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


The above procedure runs in 301 seconds and performance is far better then the value 1.

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